Feng-Shui is an ancient Chinese art that was first invented thousands of years ago.  It is the art of creating a space that will bring you good health and fortune.

Feng-Shui looks at the land’s energy and how to arrange furniture and items in your home or office to encourage the free flow of positive energy throughout.

In this blog we will look at five very basic steps you can take to make your home Feng-Shui friendly.

Arrange furniture in the empowered position

Furniture like chairs, sofas and beds should be arranged in such a way that allows you to see the door without being aligned in front of it.

Clear clutter

Having a large amount of clutter visible in your home can suck out the energy and make you feel stressed, overwhelmed and down.  The number of items on show should be minimised so that energy can flow freely through your home and each room feels light, airy and relaxing.

Bring nature inside

Feng-Shui encourages the act of bringing nature into your home as it believes that nature realigns our energy and makes us feel whole.  Freshly cut flowers and houseplants don’t only make beautiful decorations, they also remove harmful pollutants to purify the air in our homes.

Yin and Yang

The Feng-Shui concept of Yin and Yang encourages you to create passive and active spaces depending on what kind of activities will be performed in each room.  Keep rooms where you want to relax like the bedroom very passive and relaxing to encourage a good night’s rest whilst adding inspiring and invigorating items to a home office.

Make your home’s entrance inviting

Feng-Shui teaches that the entrance to your home is extremely important.  The entrance is considered to be the mouth where all energy enters your home so it should be decorated in a way that is inspiring and uplifting.

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