Box clever with an ottoman

Blanket boxes are useful wooden chests, perfectly proportioned to fit neatly at the end of your bed. Fitted with a lift-up lid, they are used to hide a wide array of items, think practically about how you are going to utilise the box and we bet you’ll think of countless practical and useful applications.






Our blanket boxes are sturdy and strong storage chests and they look gorgeous too.  In particular the Benedict – Ottoman blanket box combines a contemporary look with timeless quality, it’s tasteful, blends perfectly with other items from the Benedict bedroom range and a genuine asset to your home.

Key features of the box

  • Hardy build quality
  • Choice of colours/finishes – Cream with oak trim. White. Cream
  • Stacks of space – 1030mm wide, 550mm high, 405mm depth
  •  Easy to clean/care for


Looks are just one of the advantages of blanket boxes. Start to explore the practicalities of an ottoman and you’ll discover plenty of room and endless storage suggestions.

We can think of a fair few storage ideas if you like the idea of owning a blanket box but wonder how you’ll fill it. Try some of these uses and enjoy the benefits of a box that looks great and has a hidden secret.

Clever uses for ottomans

  • Bedding box
  • Toy box
  • Shoe storage
  • Spare clothing
  • Files and folders
  • Extra pillows



Stash that extra bedding away and have easy access to clean sheets, spare blankets or a change of duvet cover. Finding places to hide bedding is sometimes difficult. Blanket boxes are the solution!

Toy box

Tired of seeing toys cluttering up the home? Use a blanket box. They look good and have tons of room inside to hide dolls, puzzles, balls and action figures. Clear away clutter after play.

Shoe storage

Got a shoe collection that’s threatening to overrun the house? Keep that stash secret and keep those Jimmy Choos tucked away ready for special occasions.

Spare clothing

Swap and change seasonal clothing. Use the ottoman for overspill clothing. You’ll be surprised how much room there is for designer garments inside.

Files and folders

Make the box your personal filing cabinet. Store household accounts, business files or essential paperwork inside and have easy access to important information.

Blanket boxes are stylish and they’re handy too.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further details about ottomans. Sensible storage chests are one of our specialities!

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