How To Choose A Bed That\’S Right For You!

If you are experiencing problems sleeping there could be a number of reasons that are affecting your sleep. You might have something on your mind, have consumed too much caffeine or alcohol or your bed could be causing those sleepless nights. If you sleep like a baby in hotels, but toss and turn when you are at home, a new bed could be the solution you need. We sell different types of beds at CP Furniture Sales so we’ve made you a handy buying guide to take the stress out of picking the perfect sleep partner.

  • Type: Some people like divans others like bedsteads, which category do you fall into? Divans are good if you like to be raised quite high off the floor and you require storage space underneath. Bedsteads can be used to co-ordinate with the interior of your boudoir. Opt for leather for a touch of luxury, pine or oak beds are popular, plus you can have metal or fabric frames as well. The main difference between divans and besteads is the divan normally has a solid base whereas a bedstead uses slats to support the mattress.
  • Size: If you are sharing a bed it’s important to get the size right so it can accommodate both of your needs. Depending on how much room you have in the bedroom you could choose a small double, standard double, king or queen sized bed. It’s a good idea to measure your room before you order a larger double bed just to make sure it fits. Remember, you’ll need to fit other items of furniture in the room as well so don’t be tempted to order a huge queen sized bed that’ll complete swamp the room.
  • Mattress: The comfort levels of the bed will be determined by your choice of mattress. This is where people make the biggest mistake. They fail to pick a mattress that gives them the right level of support. Mattresses vary. Choose spring interior options with open coil, sprung, continuous spring and pocket sprung versions filled with a variety of fillings, or select non-sprung versions that include foam mattresses, water filled mattresses or futons that fold away into the frame of sofa. A good mattress should keep the spine aligned to give you a good night’s sleep so it’s worth visiting a few mattress stores like our showroom at CP Furniture to try before you buy.

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