How To Choose A Sofa For A Small Room

Small homes are cosy and cute but let’s face it, they can be hard to furnish. You need all the staples of household furniture, dining room table, coffee table, bed and bedside tables and of course a sofa. Unfortunately there is a trend for the-bigger-the-better these days. Squeezing an oversized couch into your living room won’t leave space for much else. In today’s blog we look over all the options that make the most of a small living room.

Corner units

Corner units provide maximum seating area for less floor space than 2 sofas would require. Building seating into the corner and extending the sofa by even one seat perpendicular the main 2 seater sofa can provide as much seating as 2 sofas.

Sofas beds

If space throughout the house is an issue and you expect to have guests stay from time to time then a sofa bed is a great solution. In general sofa beds are compact, spanning the width of a small double bed or less. They’re also a low cost option and extremely comfortable.

Sofa beds either have a mattress that pulls out perpendicular from underneath the seat or the seat and back cushion form the mattress and simply fold down into a bed horizontally.

Sofas without arms

Choosing a style of sofa without arms means more seating for the same floor area. You will have to compromise on the comfort to a degree as you won’t be able to curl up in the corner- there won’t be any corners. But it does get rid of the oversized arm rests.

Sofas with space underneath

One of the issues with sofas is the large amount of floor space they take up but by choosing a sofa on legs i.e. with space underneath, you can make the space that the sofa occupies multipurpose.

Work on the proportions

2 seater sofas, shallow sofas and sofas with low backs all allow you to play with the proportions of your sofa to work in rooms of differing height and shape.

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