Kids spend hours playing in their bedrooms so it’s important to create a room that they will love to spend time in.

Your child’s bedroom is a haven where they can relax, have fun and express their unique personalities.  For younger children a fun bedroom can even make bedtime less painful!

Here are our top tips for creating a child’s bedroom that is practical as well as cool and exciting.

Get them involved

Get your children involved in decorating their bedrooms, ask them what they’d like and then compromise on any outlandish requests!  Your child will feel proud of their bedroom if they know that it is the result of their own ideas and imagination.


Children’s bedrooms should be bright, colourful and uplifting.  Consult them on what colour they’d like their bedroom to be, you can always tone down the shade and use bright accents in textiles and accessories throughout the room.

Make room for friends

Children love to have sleepovers with friends so make sure there is space for them too.  Bunk beds are great space savers and kids love them too.  If you’re short on space or cash then simply buy a mattress that can slide under their bed or a blow up mattress that doubles as a chair.

Make storage easy

If you want kids to tidy up after themselves then make doing so simple.  Children like to scatter their toys far and wide, and the simplest way to tidy them up is to simply scoop them all up in your arms and throw them into a box.  Provide plenty of fun, colourful stacking storage boxes or a toy chest the doubles up as an ottoman.


The most important thing to remember when decorating your child’s room is to make sure that their personality shines from the room; it should be a celebration of your child’s individuality.  Think about what they enjoy doing the most and let these hobbies and interests inspire their bedroom.

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