Decorating The Ultimate Guest House

We all want to make our guests feel welcome when they come to stay. You might have invested in a guest house to easily accommodate frequent guests or you might simply transform the living room when you have visitors. Either way there are little things you can do to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Here’re our tips for decorating the ultimate guest house or guest room:

Provide reading material

As a conscientious host is good to ensure your guests are entertained. You don’t have to install a TV but keeping a small library in the guest host means there’s always something to read. The handy thing about this little decorating tip is that it frees up space in your main living accommodation.

Provide lamps

Many people enjoy reading on the sofa or in bed but while one guest is happily ensconced in a book the other might want to get to sleep so a lamp will satisfy both. This is also quite a homely and considerate touch as most people have bedside lamps at home but might not remember to provide them in a guest house/room.

Make the couch a ‘pull-out’

The couch should be multipurpose. If you put up guests in your own living room switch your ordinary couch for a pull-out aka a sofa bed. Sofa beds make very comfortable couches as they tend to be slightly deeper.

The same should apply in a guest house though. If there is sufficient space install a sofa that is also a pull out bed. This way kids or extra guests can sleep on that while other guests stay in the bedroom, maximising the guest house.

Buy fresh flowers

Before a guest arrives you should make a quick sweep of the guest house, putting on fresh sheets (it’s best not leave beds made up when not in use), throwing the windows open and dusting. It’s unpleasant to stay in a musty, unaired room. Placing fresh flowers in the bedroom and living room will act like a natural air freshener and give the impression of a lived in space.

Be careful of guests with hay fever though. Lots of people suffer from it so be a conscientious host and check in advance.

Make sure there’s space for their things

Although I’ve suggested moving some of your books to the guest house for extra space in your own home you should resist the temptation to fill the guest house with all your unwanted things. Keep closets clear so your guests can unpack rather than living out of a suitcase.

Most importantly make your guests feel at home. They shouldn’t feel isolated in the guest house, rather it should feel comfortable and homely. Tell them to help themselves, come and go as they please and generally relax. If they feel they have to ask you for everything they may go without rather than keep bothering you for things.

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