Design Disasters To Avoid

My advice to anyone that was planning a home makeover project would be to put as much thought into the way you are going to dress the room from the start. You need a vision to bring your dream alive and have to avoid some of the major décor disasters that people keep on repeating time after time. Know what they are? Read my latest blog and find out!

Avoid crashing patterns: Ever walked into a room and felt like you were viewing your surroundings through a kaleidoscope? Complex patterns confuse the mind, if you have a medley of printed patterns on the walls and they clash with soft furnishings on sofas and rugs on the floor, your brain will struggle with the changing scene. Some patterns work, others are destined for failure, just be careful if you are cross-matching designs.

Choose colours with care: Colours have the ability to clash the same as patterns so think carefully about the shades and hues you intend to use. This is especially important if you are using bright and bold colours that could cause offence if you mix a medley of colours together and create some kind of fantasy effect.

Think about size and space: Overcrowding is a common problem with home interiors, squeeze too many items into one room and it’ll start to look like a curio shop. Then again, not having enough features and fittings can leave a room feeling a little too bare so you need to get the balance right if you want the design to work. Work out the sizes of sofas, rugs and other features beforehand so they fit perfectly into their new surroundings.

Pay attention to lighting: Soft lighting has the ability to totally transform a room at night, so pay close attention to the balance of the light within the room. Mood lighting is very effective, be sensitive to the feel of the room and use light cleverly to really bring the interior of your home to your life.

All of the above are easy to implement and they’ll make a massive difference to your home. Enjoy!

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