The Eco-Friendly Way To Upgrade Your Furniture

Everyone gets a bit restless with their furniture every now and again. If you’re itching to buy a new coffee table, think before you mindlessly browse the furniture shops. Although eco-friendly initiatives may be seen as time consuming and expensive, this is far from being the case. Plus, any effort which is invested in eco-friendly furniture is worth it for your home, your pocket and our environment.


We’re all becoming more environmentally conscious; we all have a responsibility to do our bit for the environment. Because of this initiative, upcycling is becoming a popular practice. Upcycling involves taking an old, unwanted item and turning it into a desired item. Although there are companies completing this work, and selling the upcycled items on for a profit, you can do it yourself. If you have an old, worn wardrobe sitting in your spare bedroom, upcycle it by sanding it down and giving it a new coat of varnish and a new lease of life. Or, if you fancy more of a challenge, you could take those spare copper pipes and turn them into a candle holder, a set of coat hooks or even a chair!

Swap and sell

If you decide that you really don’t want your old armchair, there are many other options to consider before throwing it away. The first consideration would be to get it reupholstered; however, if that really isn’t an option for it you could always swap it or sell it. This exchange can either happen amongst people you know – you can try introducing the initiative at work – or nationwide. There are many online communities, such as Gumtree and Swapcycle, filled with people waiting to take your old furniture of your hands. While you may see your old sofa as rubbish, someone else might see it as a project. These communities can work to everyone’s advantage; you can either sell your unwanted items or swap them for an item which is deemed of equivalent value. This way, nothing is thrown on landfill and everyone is happy.


Or, if you’re determined to buy a piece of brand new furniture, make sure it is made from recycled materials or a sustainable source. The recycled furniture industry has greatly increased in the last few years so you’re bound to be able to find the perfect piece of eco furniture for you. As most recycled furniture is hand-made it is often more expensive. Before grumbling about the price tag, remember what you’re paying for. Creating recycled furniture is an art and a craft; not only that but it’s kind to our environment. So before you head to Ikea, consider a piece of recycled furniture first.

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