Leather Vs Fabric Sofas

Leather sofas have traditionally cost more than fabric versions meaning that anyone looking for inexpensive furniture chose fabric sofas and chairs out of necessity. However, here at CP Furniture Sales we aim to make both leather and fabric sofas of outstanding quality remain affordable for all. In this blog we’ll look at the arguments for and against leather and fabric seating other than cost;

  • Leather is extremely hard wearing, lasting a very long time with minimal wear and tear, unlike fabric upholstery which can become threadbare and faded. Leather actually improves over time, becoming more soft and supple over the years.
  • Leather resists dirt and staining whereas fabric absorbs it. When leather is dirty it can be wiped clean whereas fabric covers have to be removed and washed thoroughly. On a day to day basis leather is easier to manage in the event of spills, muddy prints or other transfers of dirt.
  • Leather should be conditioned twice a year to keep it in tip top condition whereas as fabric couches don’t require this sort of maintenance saving you the task of buying specialist products and conditioning your couch all over. However due of the amount of dust that can hide in fabric couches the cushions should be taken outside every few months to be beat the dust out.
  • Leather couches suit pet owners more than fabric couches because leather doesn’t attract hairs and also stands up to dog claws. However cats with untrimmed claws may leave their mark. In a later blog we’ll look at how to repair your leather couch including removing small scratches from cat claws.
  • On the other hand fabric couches allow you to pick any pattern or colour, the choice is practically endless. What’s more fabric cushions can be matched and changed on a whim much more easily. Leather doesn’t accommodate mixed colours and patterns quite as well.
  • Leather couches warm up with you and despite some misconceptions are not sticky in summer. Genuine leather couches won’t stick to your skin; any couch that does is generally blended with or covered in vinyl.
  • Fabric generally has a cosier feel though so despite leather warming up very well personal preference might dictate choosing fabric over leather.
  • Fabric is easier to clean at home. If you’ve ever owned anything leather you’ll know how delicate it is and that special methods of cleaning must be employed. Removable fabric cushion covers are a though and you can usually add matching arm rest covers to your couch for easy cleaning too. However with the right know-how cleaning leather doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take a look at our blog on ‘What to Clean a Leather Sofa With’.

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