How To Make Your Mattress Work For You

Take a look at our quality selection of mattresses at CP Furniture and we’re pretty confident you’ll find the perfect product to send you off to the land of nod. Our stock of memory foam, pocket sprung and sprung mattresses caters for a wide selection of people, no matter what type of mattress you prefer we have the right product in stock.

A decent mattress is the key a restful night’s sleep, sadly, some people have trouble dropping off at night even though they have a quality bed.

This is the subject of our next blog, we explore ways to improve sleep at night if you have trouble in this area.

Cool down – Stuffy bedrooms are going to keep you awake, it’s hard to sleep if the temperature inside the room is reaching melting point. Cool down a little, open windows for ventilation on stuffy evenings, turn on fans and lower the temperature to help you drift off to sleep.

Avoid alcohol or caffeine – Tea, coffee and alcohol are stimulants, they’ll keep your mind active and prevent your brain ‘shutting down’ at night. Try to avoid these types of drinks before you hit the hay, warm milk, malted milk, a cup of cocoa or a mug of hot chocolate will make you feel nice and snoozy.

Read – Dive into a juicy novel as you sip your cocoa and after a few chapters you should start to feel your eyelids getting heavy. Reading in bed is a natural sleeping aid, get a few paragraphs out of the way and you’ll struggle to stay awake.

Exercise – This sounds a little crazy but if you work out to the point of exhaustion a few hours before you retire for the evening you’ll be too tired to even think about a sleep problem as you snuggle under the duvet.

Block out light – If light nights are keeping you awake fit blackout blinds and plunge the bedroom into darkness when it’s time for bed.

Block out sound – Shut out noise as well. Try wearing earplugs if you can’t sleep due to noise at night or try to harness ‘useful’ noise instead. Listen to the sound of raindrops hitting the pavement outside or download an app for your phone that plays ‘white noise’ sounds such as bubbling brooks, rushing waterfalls or psychoacoustic music designed to help your brain relax.

As long as you invest in a good mattress there are various techniques to try that should send you into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Night night…

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