Space Saving Ideas For Smaller Bedrooms

Most properties have one bedroom that’s generally smaller than the others it’s what you do with this limited amount of space that really counts. Get creative and switch into space saving mode and you’ll amaze yourself at how imaginative you can be with a limited amount of room. If you want to get rid of that feeling of ‘smallness’ try some of our suggestions at CP Furniture Sales.

Buy a smaller double bed – Double beds come in standard 4ft 6” options but you can also buy slightly narrower 4ft double beds as well. That 6” saving makes all the difference, it’ll free up extra room at the side of the bed. If you are determined to squeeze a double bed inside the room dig the tape measure out and see what a difference you’ll make with downsized double.

Buy a loft bed – If you are struggling for space in a child’s bedroom a loft bed or cabin bed are practical solutions. Loft beds provide you with a sleep arrangement on the top level and you have room for a desk, wardrobe and chair underneath the bed. The rest of the room is unaffected by the bed so you can utilise the space that is left and think of other canny storage solutions to fit inside the bedroom.

Fit over-bed storage – Shelves and wall cabinets above the bed are a great way to maximise the space potential of a room. A lack of floor space needn’t be a problem, not when you can turn the walls into storage areas, simply buy a few trendy storage boxes and place them directly onto shelves.

Use bunk beds – See if the kids want to share sleeping arrangements and sell them on the idea of snoozing in bunk beds. If they share a larger room and sleep in bunk beds at night the smaller room could become their ‘play zone’ during the day.

Clear out clutter – Be brutal, do you really need all this clutter on display? Simply by tidying up you create extra space and make the bedroom feel bigger.

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