Things To Remember When Buying A Briody Bed

Do you know that according to research an average person spends about one third of their life sleeping?

Startling, right?

And we all know how important enough quality sleep is for a person’s overall health.

Our beds are more important than we think!

A clean, comfortable and well kept our bed does not only guarantee good night’s sleep, but is also an assurance of good day ahead.

If you have not been able to sleep well at night for some time, have a back ache or any other sleep related issue, it is not necessarily because of medical issues, but can be due to a problem with the bed you sleep on.  These are hints that it’s time to buy a new bed.

Beds are usually expensive and are not changed very frequently; people change a bed after about 8 to 10 years, on average. To make your investment last long and to ensure our health, make sure you buy a good quality bed.

Things To Remember When Buying A Briody Bed

Following are some of the things to consider while buying a new bed:


Comfort is obviously the most important factor to consider while buying a bed. This is why experts recommend testing a bed before buying it. Yes! Test the bed; lie on it for about 15 minutes. According to a study, buyers should lie down on the bed on both sides, back and also on their stomach (if they sleep in that position), for about 5 minutes each side. While many people may feel awkward in testing a bed at the store, Consumer Reports have found out that customers who do so are happier with their choices than the ones who buy without trying.

Briody bedding is a name synonymous for comfortable deep sleep from which you wake up refreshed and energized.


Look for pillows and mattresses that are made with the certified materials. Back problems are most commonly caused due to sleeping on a wrong bed. Slat and spring beds are considered as the best for providing back support. Another key point to remember to prevent back related issues is that a bed should neither be too hard nor too soft.


While we all get tempted to the giant sized beds because they offer a large sleeping space, we definitely do not want the bed to take up the entire space of the room. Therefore, it is suggested to know your room’s dimensions to make sure you buy the right sized bed.

Do Inquire About the Return Policy

This is important because many people have reported problems sleeping on their new beds after a week or so and many of them did not have any other option, but to compromise because the seller did not offer the return policy.

To avoid any such problem, do inquire about the seller’s return policy and buy from the one that offers the best. At most, sellers offer 30 days return time period in case of any problem.

Briody bedding is one of the most popular brands in Ireland. Known for best quality handmade beddings that ensure good sleep and health. Ever since they started the business in late 20th century, briody bedding is the most preferred choice of Irish people.

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