Three Must-Have Summer Accessories For Your Living Room

We can all become a bit restless with our interiors and decor. As a month of change – with holidays, school holidays, weddings and christenings – this restlessness can become even more apparent throughout the summer months. We have suggested a few simple, inexpensive ways to make your living room feel a bit more summery.


The easiest way to inject the summer season into your living room is by literally bringing the outdoors in! Nothing brightens up a room more than an arrangement of freshly grown flowers. Roses, lilies, gerberas: whatever your favourite flower, a bunch of them displayed in a vase in your living room is bound to improve your mood and make you feel summery all year round. What would make your home even more summery would be to display an arrangement of seasonal flowers. Find out which flowers and plants are in season and bring one into your home. This can help to blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside and bring the summer into your living room.


While your sofa is the most functional item in your living room and doesn’t need to be seasonal, it can be easily brightened up for summer with a few colourful cushions. Whether your living room has a purple theme, a monochrome theme or a Union Jack theme you’re bound to find cushions to complement it. No matter what your colour scheme is, cushions are a fairly easy way to inject summer into your living room; plus, they can be as expensive or inexpensive as you can afford. You can search charity shops, visit Ikea, take a trip to Liberty or even make your own depending on your budget, style and preference.


While the fleecy blankets may be a welcome addition to your living room in the winter, they are not needed in summer. Instead of allowing them to clutter your living room throughout summer, store them away and replace them with light throws until the autumn. This way, you’ll still be able to cover-up if the evening turns cold and your sofa will still be covered but your living room will feel much more summery. If there is no change within your home through the seasons, it can start to feel stagnant and boring. If you don’t make small changes every few months you are more likely to make a drastic change at some point in the year, such as completely redecorating a room or buying a new piece of furniture. Avoid these expensive, time consuming impulses by making small, frequent changes throughout the year.

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