Tips To Harmonize Your Bedroom With the Help of Snowdon Furniture

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is where you unwind, where you recharge and it is the place that speaks for you. This is why it is important that you create a vibe in your bedroom that makes you feel comfortable and at home. The choice of your furniture, the color theme, the placement of your furniture – they all play an important part in defining your room for you.

In Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui is a way to bring harmony into your surroundings, comfort, health and productivity. It is believed that the way you keep your room has immense effects on how you deal with your life. There is no special science behind this philosophy. It is just a simple understanding of your living space and how to utilize it in a better way. Here are simple rules for you to turn your bedroom into a harmonious and peaceful place.

Placing Your Snowdon Furniture

The most important object in your bedroom is of course, your bed. It is the biggest furniture item in your room and takes most of the space. Here are the ways you should place your bed:

  • Keep your bed in a position, which is diagonal to your bedroom’s door.
  • Never put the bed right in front of the entrance of your room. It does not matter if it is your room’s entrance door, bathroom door or balcony door – do not keep your bed in front of them, as it blocks the flow of the energy in and out.
  • Do not keep the bed facing the windows directly or underneath the window as it blocks the flow of the energy.
  • Keep a moderate amount of space between the floor and the mattress. Your mattress should not be too grounded and it should not be too high above it to makes you feel like you are flying.
  • When buying snowdon furniture, make sure you don’t get the storage beds. It is very tempting to shove the shoes, bags and sometimes, empty pizza boxes under the bed, but that only creates a blockage of fresh passing air.
  • Try avoiding the bunk beds. Yes, they are cute and your boys would like it, but bunk beds have a way to make the person sleeping in the lower bed feel stuck. Go for separate beds, which are light and small so they do not take too much space.

Color themes and de cluttering

As said above, your bedroom is where you come to find comfort, therefore, choose warm and earthy tones for your bedroom tone to maintain the sensuality and warmth in the room. Too light and too cool colors will create a cooling effect, which is more appropriate for your living rooms, and more open spaces. You can add lighter tones of green and lavender to mix with the earth tones and give a harmonious and fresh look to your room.

Other than this, tidiness is never out of the option. You cannot bring harmony when there is clutter everywhere around you. Things out of their places bring confusion and chaos in your life, trap in a negative energy and gives place for bacteria to accumulate. Moreover, a cluttered room will keep the mind restless at night and disturb your sleep. Which is why it important that your snowdon furniture remains in place and no extra items are lying around it or on it. Keep it nice and tidy and let the air flow across your room to clean it up.

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