Tips on Choosing a Bunk Bed

Choosing the right Bunk Bed for your needs

Getting a Bunk Bed can be an exciting time for your child. However, it can be a little more complicated than buying other furniture for your home. When choosing a bunk bed there are safety issues to be taken into account. You need to make sure that the space available accommodates the safety features.You do not take chances with the safety of the people big or small who will be using the bed.

Measure the space you have

Bunk beds are great for for smaller spaces but can work well in larger rooms especially where you want to use floor space for other activities. Start by measuring the floor space then check the ceiling height. You need at least two feet of space between the bunk and ceiling to avoid bumps. The features you choose on bed may require additional space like opening drawers. 

What Type of Bunk Bed Do You Need

There are many types of bunk beds ranging from the basic to more complex combinations that cater to different needs. There are configurations that offer triple sleeping surfaces. These can be handy for sleepovers or when three children share a room View our range of Bunk Beds.

What Features Do You Need

Special features, such as study areas, storage, or play features are available to suit the age and needs of your child.

For children who like to have friends sleep over, bunk beds with futons or pull out beds are good options. You can pick out bunk beds that come with the features you desire or buy them as add-ons.

Ask your child\’s opinion, they may have seen something you might be overlooking.

Select the Style you want

There is a wide range of styles to choose from. You have a choice of materials that you can select, such as all wood, all metal, or a combination of the two.

Make Sure it is Safe

Bunk bed safety is important. All bunk beds we supply have all the safety features such as guardrails and headboards and footboards. It is also important your child knows that it is essential to observe all safety rules when using a bunk bed. Safety tips from HSE

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