A Word From The Mattress Experts at CP Furniture Sales

I am often asked by Customers which Mattress they should buy.The answer is not a short one.

I recommend changing your mattress every seven years, which is approximately after 20,000 hours sleep.in that time we have shed over 3kg of skin and sweated nearly 5,000 litres of sweat onto our mattress\’! (This also underlines why it is important to regularly air our beds and even hoover them,you can see that mattress\’ need to be kept healthy too!).

Try and buy the biggest Mattress possible so that your partners movement dosent wake you.People think nothing of spending €1000+ on a TV but they skimp on the cost of a mattress,a good mattress is an investment in your health,spend as much as you can reasonably afford.If possible,buy a mattress and base together as an old base may damage your new mattress.

Dont worry about a hard or soft mattress,buy one that is \’supportive\’ for you.A 16 stone person will not get the same support as a 10 stone person sleeping on the same mattress,nor will a person with slim shoulders and hips compared to a person with wider shoulders or hips.

In summary,good sleep is paramount to our physical and mental health and our bed is probably the most important factor in getting a good nights sleep.

At CP Furniture Sales we provide the best advice to find the best mattress for you,the most expensive mattress may necessarily not be the best mattress to suit you.We cover all price ranges and mattress types from Irelands largest Mattress manufacturers.

A visit to our sleep centre is a must,where all mattress\’ are on display and we encourage you to Lie and Try.

When you buy a new mattress from CP Furniture Sales you are buying a Quality Irish product from a Family business with 40 years experience.

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